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&Nbsp;       baked in huzhou electromechanical science and technology limited company is a professional computer embroidery machine installation joint-stock enterprises, located in the core of the Yangtze River Delta SI town, Changxing County, Zhejiang economic development zone. Company since established yilai, introduced abroad of advanced technology, determined to innovation, and always insisted integrity, and customer first principles, in gold tablets embroidered, and bright tablets embroidered, and disc with embroidered, and beads embroidered, and stack tablets device, and rope embroidered device, and special embroidered device, and champion device, and towel embroidered head of development, and development, and production, and sales, aspects established has a perfect of business management and the quality guarantee system. Powerful domestic market sales network and after-sales service system, to provide customers with superior performance, functional, superior quality embroidery machine specialty embroidery equipment. Company enjoys a high reputation in the embroidery industry, products have been exported to India, and Korea and other foreign enterprises. Company currently has imported CNC machining center, carved a total of more than 50 sets of main parts all independent research and development, quality assurance and continuous improvement. Company has patented more than more than 40 items, including 2 invention patents, strong research and development team will be based on market developments and needs, to continuous improvement and innovation the equipment, keep equipment in the industry can maintain the appearance, technology, quality is at the leading position.


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